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Posh Bingo Review

Posh BingoPosh Bingo is all about elegance and graphics that declares the site to be very fashion conscious. While the bingo games are fun to play and cover any number of variations, the attractiveness of the site adds to the ambience of the site by its visual elegance. While being visually stimulating, the jackpots on both the bingo games and the side slot games are pushing millions of pounds So the players on this site are not only able to win sizeable jackpots, but are able to enjoy the beauty of the site and its very attractive appearance.

Posh BingoAside from the visual pleasure of this site, the players are able to choose from a wide range of games. There are games for every gaming stake and prizes that are worth the small risk to try to win. The player is rewarded by loyalty points with every card purchase. As the points accumulate they may be used to play in special games, buy prizes and can be converted into cash.

Some sites are just utilitarian, but Posh Bingo not only works as a bingo site, but the top-drawer aspect of the site enhances the player’s pleasure when playing online.

The Chat Rooms are fun and allow talk between players and bingo friends. This makes the site much like the live bingo hall and is another factor that keeps players on the site and returning to play again. Returning players to a site is an important part of running a successful bingo site.

Sophistication and bingo seem to be an incompatible action, Posh makes it work. They are able to combine both of these elements in an unusual way for a bingo site.


First deposits are matched up to 200% and reload bonuses are matched up to 50%. These are very significant bonuses that help the new player stretch their gaming stake over more plays. The active player can get more bang out of their deposits.


Posh Bingo Games

The games that a player on this site can choose from are varied in the bingo selections and in the side games. The side games include slots and progressive slots for those players that are slot players. The table games are the same as are seen in any online casino.

PoshBingo Deposit Methods

PoshBingo deposit methods available include Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Neteller Delta and Solo

Withdrawal Methods

Withdrawals can be made with these same methods in many cases. An accurate list of ways to do either is kept in the cashier section. Also the rules for withdrawals are kept here for the player to read.

Customer Support

Customer support is available by Chat Room monitors, email or phone.

Posh Bingo Loyalty Program

Every purchase of cards or gaming bets will increase the loyalty points awarded to the player’s account. These points can then be used to purchase cards and play in special games. The player can buy some nice site merchandise or convert the points into cash.


The Posh Bingo is a unique bingo site in many ways and the players seem to like what they see. The site has been awarded site of the month in April 2009. The elements of a very good site are delivered in most important aspects of the site.

The site has the unique appearance of elegance with the capability of being easy to move around on and find sections the player wishes to visit. The site gives the ability to choose from a list of games and know they will deliver what the players are looking for. Friendly and elegant is a deadly combo for any site and Posh brings both to the table.

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